The "Retiro da Janela" is a Boutique Hotel run by a Swiss owner, which offers rooms with breakfast. Personal, individual, sustainable and with Swiss charm and commitment.

The property covers approximately 2'000 m2 and accommodates 10 people.

In front of the house invites a spacious pool (heated May - mid-October) for swimming with sea view and the pool terrace to stay. The orchard is spacious and relaxation is provided in the various sitting areas and hammocks.

Behind the house is a large free parking available and again over 2,000 m2 of land with numerous fig trees for snacking.


Why "Retiro da Janela"?

Retiro = retreat

Janela = window

A window has a view or an insight. So the "Retiro" serves as a house of retreat, to wind down, relax and enjoy. The facility can also be rented as a whole for holidays or meetings.